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Best time for winter prewedding in Ranchi

The best time for a winter pre-wedding shoot in Ranchi, Jharkhand, typically falls between November and February. Ranchi experiences a subtropical climate, so the winter months are generally cooler and more comfortable for outdoor photography compared to the hot and humid summers. Here's a breakdown of the weather during these months:

  1. November: The weather starts to cool down in November, with daytime temperatures ranging from 18°C to 26°C (64°F to 79°F). This month is a good choice for a pre-wedding shoot, as you'll have comfortable temperatures and pleasant weather.

  2. December to January: December and January are the peak winter months in Ranchi. During these months, temperatures can drop further, with daytime highs between 15°C to 24°C (59°F to 75°F) and nighttime lows ranging from 5°C to 12°C (41°F to 54°F). While it might be a bit colder, the crisp winter air can add a charming and romantic atmosphere to your pre-wedding photos.

  3. February: February marks the end of winter in Ranchi. Daytime temperatures start to rise slightly, ranging from 17°C to 27°C (63°F to 81°F). This month can also be a good choice for a pre-wedding shoot, especially if you prefer milder weather.

Keep in mind that weather conditions can vary from year to year, so it's essential to check the local weather forecast closer to your planned shoot date to ensure optimal conditions. Additionally, consider the location and backdrop you desire for your pre-wedding photos, as Ranchi offers a range of beautiful natural settings, including parks, lakes, and hills, which can make for stunning backdrops in any season.

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