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Ayush-Nipsa Prewedding Shoot

Sunday,  27th, 28th of January, 2022


Two-day prewedding shoot.


Second prewedding of the month and the temperature falling to single digits.


Got to mention – Nevertheless cold or dark, the lovely couple Ayush & Nipsa arrived even before us.


If love had a language, it would be how these two talk. There was no tedious phase in the entire two-day shoot, and the couple not only cooperated, they even guided us for new poses of their own.


The Story :


Temperature in single digits and waking at 4 in the dawn is freezingly chilling with frozen blood and bones, but we cannot have had afforded to miss silhouettes, we never do.

Yes, the couple's sunrise silhouettes always seem magnificently beautiful, but filming it is a tough challenge, especially when it's the peak of winter. Even the drone sensors take an abundance of time to heat and fly. Everything can wait other than time, so sunrise shoots need perfect planning and execution. First, you have to wake first to wake others in the team. Then you need to poke the client, pack stuff, and travel to the location before the dim red light hits the horizon. A delay of even 15 minutes can ruin everything.


The hill is nearly 18 km away from the main city, and it takes roughly 40 mins drive.


As always, we, along with the client, reached our first location in time, almost 4:45 am, and found scaringly dark everywhere. As we were before time, we had to wait another 15-20 minutes to glimpse the sun clean and clear, rising from the dark. It's always a gift to see the sun directly, and we took a few incredible sunrise silhouette shots.


Yes, we shot the perfect shots and took professional cinematic without any disturbance. The morning was excellent, and then the next day's shoot at Getalsudh was even better, giving us time to shoot with comfort. Winters are full of Mustard Farms all around the lake, and we shot a few shots there as well. We had a perfect natural ambiance to shoot all day long. Winter skies give you a natural diffuser to capture incredible clicks without a worry of shadow or over-exposed face. The whole team was happy with what we shot, and the client cooperated with wonderful gestures and expressions. After the boat and sunset shots, the shoot ended by six at the evening on Getalsudh Dam.


There were laughs, smiles, and enthusiasm, and this prewedding was perfect as expected.


A special thanks to Ayush-Nipsa for trusting Team Perx and making this project memorable.


We wish all the happiness to the lovely couple.

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