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Wedding photography packages

One day wedding

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For budget weddings

Candid photography & Traditional Videography

Normal Glossy Album

Soft copy of about 1000 pics

High Defination (HD) video of entire event


Rs 35,000

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For medium banquets

Candid photography & Cinematic
Videography (for highlight only)

Special Glossy Album 12*36

Soft copy of about 1200 pics

1920X1080 Super HD video of entire event.

Wedding Highlight

Wedding invitation


Rs 55,000



For premiun weddings

Candid photography & Cinematic
Videography (Entire event)

Two Special Glossy Album 12*36

Bridal Parlour shot

Extended Wedding Highlight

Exclusive interview bride/groom/family

Special portrait session for Bride/couple

Cloud storage of album


Rs 75,000


Bundled Packge

Wedding Magnificient Package + 2 Day Prewedding

A special package for them who need both pe-wedding as well as wedding photography services.

Here we provide entire services of our Magnificient package as mentioned above, and additionally two days of pre-wedding which covers multiple location.

Deliverables for the budled package is two special albums of 35 pages each & cinematic coverage of wedding day.

Rs 1,00,000


Once after mutual discussion, finalization & advance of any assignment, no refund policy is entertained if there is no cancellation from our side. Only if there is a problem from our team, we refund the advance amount and if client cancels the assignment due to any reasons, we don’t refund any kind of advance.

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