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Wedding Packages

One day wedding packages







Candid photography & Traditional

Normal Glossy Album

Soft copy of about 1000 pics

High Defination (HD) video of entire event

Candid photography & Cinematic
(for highlight only)

Special Glossy Album 12*36

Soft copy of about 1200 pics

Candid photography & Cinematic
Videography (Entire event)

Two Special Glossy Album 12*36

Bridal Parlour shots

1920X1080 Super HD video of entire event.

Wedding Highlight

Wedding invitation

Extended Wedding Highlight

Exclusive interview bride/groom/family

Special portrait session for Bride/couple

Cloud storage of album

*Extra day - Rs 8500 for traditional work (video & photo). Extra days for reception is 15,000 & Sangeet is 25,000 (cinematic + candid).

*The above packages are for Ranchi city only. For the assignments outside city, the charges of fooding, lodging and travelling may apply.

*The above packages are for the medium size venues with limited gadget demand. For larger venues and extra demand of gadgets as drones, crane, LEDs, extra charges may apply.

Special Madwadi Package of Rs 1,20,000 available with 4 days of shoot & 3 special albums.

*Once after mutual discussion, finalization & advance of any assignment, no refund policy is entertained if there is no cancellation from our side. Only if there is a problem from our team, we refund the advance amount and if client cancels the assignment due to any reasons, we don’t refund any kind of advance.

Pre-Wedding Packages

RS 25,000 for 1 Day (one location)&  Rs 35,000 for 2 Days (multiple locations & Bonfire )


Cinematic theme shoot on a chosen song. Exclusive photo shoot of couple (21 edited pics max)

* Travelling, lodging, fooding & other expenses as hotel rent, boat rent and dresses rent to be beared by client only.

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